QSvn 0.7.0 released

I’m proud to announce you the release of QSvn 0.7.0. The new version now supports the merge-feature. You can merge changes from a specified URL into you local working copy or you can select changes in the log window to merge these changes to any of your local working copy.

For more informations about new features, changes and fixes in QSvn you can view the Release Notes. QSvn is available in source code and in a precompiled Windows-Installer. The Windows-version is compiled with Subversion 1.5.1-Libraries. You can find the files in the Download-Section.

Please Remember: When you upgrade from an older QSvn version on Windows Systems, you must uninstall the old one before you install QSvn 0.7.0. Your QSvn-settings are left on your system, when you uninstall the old QSvn-installation.

Have fun with the new version!

Andreas Richter

QSvn 0.7.0 released
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