QSvn 0.8.0 released

Today i released QSvn 0.8.0. Some of the new features in the new versions is the capability to change any log messages and authors from svn commits. Arund this i implement some other little features thats makes the live with QSvn a little bit easier. So please read the Release Notes, download your copy and enjoy the new version.

If you find any error or have suggestions for a feature release please fill out a ticket in the Bug Tracker. To do so you must register a user account first.

QSvn 0.8.0 released
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2 Gedanken zu „QSvn 0.8.0 released

  • 23. Dezember, 2008 um 1:33

    Congratulations to this great new release. Your client steadily approaches its goal to become a full alternative for existing SVN programs. In fact, it already is. And after you have added an export function, there’s no reason left to use anything else! 😉

  • 28. Dezember, 2008 um 16:24

    Hehe. I’ll see if i implement an export function in QSvn 0.9.0 🙂


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